About the Bathroom Scale Industry


Secrets of the Bathroom Scale Industry

Bathromm ScalePrior to the 1930s, the bathroom scale was heavy, bulky, and costly to purchase.

To increase the demand for scales in North America, manufacturers cleverly created smaller, less-expensive, scales for home-use and propagated the false notion that weighing your body daily was essential to health.

By the 1930s, the illustrated advertising for the “Health-O-Meter” by primarily male marketers were already trying to make daily body weighing an obligation.  The bathroom scale became a key to health, beauty, success, and happiness.

The daily body weighing obligation was wholly created by marketing departments and ad agencies.

It’s unlikely that we would even have a diet industry without the bathroom scale!

Finally, in 1943 the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company published their very first “ideal body weight” charts and required people to register their weight to get life insurance. At that point our body weight was on it’s way to being, medicalized.

As the bathroom scale invaded homes throughout North America, “obligation body weighing” evolved into a full-blown obsession 

By 1965 Even Barbie Was Dieting!

You may remember Slumber Party Barbie, she came with her pink satin PJs, tiny plastic-slippers, a diet book with the title “How to Lose Weight” with one single piece of advice: “Don’t eat” and a fuzzy-pink scale that was stuck at 110 lbs.

If Barbie was a real woman she would be 5’9” with a 39” bust, 18” waist-line, 33” hips and a size-3 shoe.

She certainly wouldn’t menstruate and her BMI (Body Mass Index) would be an anorexic 16.2 and she comes with her own diet-book?  How terribly sick is this?

Many psychological studies show what has been coined as the “Barbie Syndrome” having a terribly negative effect on the health and self esteem of pre-teens and adolescent girls.

Young girls who dislike their bodies frequently resort to unhealthy weight-loss methods like smoking, fasting or drugs.

Actually dieting is proven to increase the risk of eating disorders, negative self esteem, abnormal growth, poor nutrition, and even sudden cardiac-death.

Normal girls grow significantly during their adolescence, averaging 10 inches and 40-50 lbs. They need a healthy diet to develop and thrive, not caloric deprivation!

slumber barbie bathroom scale

“Hook ‘em While They’re Young”

Cigarette manufacturers and their ad agencies also spend billions of dollars to, “Hook ‘em while they’re young,” so they’ll be hooked to cigarettes for life.

So does the diet industry. They just start warping the minds of your girls at an even earlier age. The diet industry really could teach the nicotine pimps a thing or two.

Now, fifty some odd years after “Diet Barbie” things have gotten even worse. The belief that skinny is favorable begins in a child’s elementary school.

Research indicates that 42% of girls in elementary school would like to be thinner and 81% of young girl are afraid of becoming fat. By adolescence 77% of the girls would like to be thinner.

Media, marketers along with their bought and paid for diet-doctors, are brainwashing another generation to weigh themselves obsessively, hate their own bodies and forever live on the treadmill of dieting.

It’s Time to Step Away from the Bathroom Scale

Is stepping onto the bathroom scale part of your morning obligation?  How about your post-workout?  Even before bed?  For some of us, weighing ourselves daily has become a reassuring reinforcement that our health is on-track (or a close enough indicator).

But for some of us, there comes a time when the habit or jumping on the bathroom scale carries more of a burden than a benefit, many are saying, “enough.”  Are you ready to say sayonara to your bathroom scale?

Here’s what will happen next!

One of the greatest reasons that people have trouble staying with any lifestyle program is because of the bathroom scale.  When you use weight-loss as a motivator, in the end it will become your worst enemy!

Are Bathrooms Scales a Weapon of Mass Destruction?

For many of us, our bathroom scale is a tyrant, and it never has anything worthwhile to say.  Both men and women tell a similar story: When they  put on a couple of pounds, the shame spiral begins—along with its very toxic companion, emotional eating.  If we’ve lost a pound or two, we feel good, but then might find ourselves justifying extra treats or skipped workouts.

Stepping-away from the scale can be permission to finally let go of the emotional roller coaster. You may discover it takes the pressure off, and it’s a kind of relief—you are able to focus on the good things you’re doing, and forget about that number on the scale!  You will feel freed of a burden.

You're Not a Number on the Scale

original bathroom scale health-o-meterEither you will not lose as much weight as you thought you should, or even worse, you may actually gain some weight.

Remember, your new healthy lifestyle is not a weight-loss program. It is simply developing a healthy lifestyle that just happen to have a side effect of weight-loss.

Now, if you’re embarking on a better lifestyle you may want to weigh yourself at the beginning and then at the end of maybe 12 weeks; however, this is primarily to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

This information will help you document the effectiveness while improving your health.  This information, along with your physical measurements, is important.

When you began gaining your weight, I’m sure that you weren’t stepping on the scale every other day to see how much weight you had gained.

Bathroom scales create an artificial sense-of-confidence, but the scale can also crush it!

In fact, you most likely did not step on the scale except when you went to your doctor’s office for your annual check up.

It always amazes me that when individuals begin focusing on their lifestyles and eating habits, they are continually checking their weight.

Remember, your weight may vary two to three pounds during a day because of water retention, whether you have a bowel movement or not, or what time of the day you weigh yourself.

Learn to be content as you notice your clothes are fitting a little looser, or maybe you are down an entire dress size, or reduced a notch on your belt.  Seriously, it will possible take two to three years to achieve your ideal health and desired level of fitness.

We need to acknowledge that we didn’t get into our current health status in the last three months.  Avoiding the scale is critical for success as this allows us to continue to focus on our long-term goals and not fast short-term results, they never last!

Our Most Attractive Quality

Breaking the bathroom scale habit can re-orient the way we view ourselves, shifting our focus on the ways we define our bodies and health. Eliminating weigh-ins helps many people become more internally directed.

Instead of judging our food choices or fitness regiments against a number-on-the-scale, people will begin to become aware of other cues their bodies provide, including hunger, musculo-skeletal comfort, and energy levels.

People can make choices based on what we are feeling like, it’s not about achieving a specific goal to maintain a relatively consistent body weight over the years which has nothing to do with the bathroom scale!

Consistent body weight involves following a personal set-of-rules that includes a diet of mostly made of whole foods, taking regular exercise on more days of the week than not, learning to read your hunger-cues and cut out mindless or emotional eating, and practicing healthy self-acceptance.

Many people truly struggle with their weight, but most people are constantly battling with the same 5, 10, or 15 pounds, they lose 5 and then gain back 10, those pounds don’t matter. Most people don’t even notice a few pounds. The most attractive quality in a person—male or female—is confidence.

Some information from the medical research community identify a condition called metabolically healthy obesity to describe people whose body mass index (BMI) or weight is technically over-weight or even obese, but who are still deemed healthy by other important specific measures, including insulin sensitivity, blood-pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Regardless of whether you fall into this metabolically healthy category or not (ask your doctor) these factors are far more indicative of your overall health than the number of your bathroom scale—and potentially lifesaving.

When healthy choices are made, you’ll see dramatic, long lasting changes in those bathroom scale numbers.  Healthy behaviors such as logical eating and consistent exercise will also yield positive, non-numbers-based results like improved sleep, a new-found confidence to try new things, and an easier time doing normal everyday activities such as bending over to tie your shoelaces!

Our Most Attractive Quality

Your bathroom scale will likely continue to call your name long after you’ve made the decision to stop weighing yourself. It’s really a process, like with any other addictive habit you want to release.

You might want to approach the bathroom scale withdrawal-period as a phase you’ll just need to pass through on your way to freedom from the restrictiveness of self-weighing and often critical self-judgment!

I didn’t go cold-turkey with my bathroom scale, I slowed down my daily weigh-ins to once a week, then once a month before giving myself permission to ditch the scale altogether as it just became another dust collector that I no longer needed in my life.

How can you grow and thrive when you are focused on self-criticism and denial while waiting for the day that your bathroom scale says, “you’re okay.” But really, does it ever?

Smashing our bathroom scales is an important step to letting go of the fake media-imposed numbers!  Remove the device of judgement from your life that continues to tell us we are not good enough.

Why are we allowing a bunch of cheap Chinese plastic to dictate how we feel about ourselves?

We have allowed marketers to manipulate us by being rated and categorized by a device that was initially developed to weigh cattle and grain.

Our bathroom scales should not be the focal point of our existence when we smash the scale we make room for something very exciting to take place, a much happier and healthier “you”.

All people are worthy. Our body weight has nothing to do with our value as a human being and to humankind.


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